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Corn removal

Corns on the toes and on the feet make putting on footwear difficult and walking painful. There are three types of corns - soft corns, hard corns and seed corns that appear on the toes or between the toes. Soft corns are sited between the toes - moist areas lead to hydration of the skin and the skin overlying the corn can have a rubbery texture. Hard corns develop over the toes or under the feet in an area of high pressure which can be extremely painful.

A corn that appears on the foot or the ball of the foot is called a seed corn. Seed corns usually occur within a large area of callus under the foot. They are tiny hence the word 'seed' – however, they can be very painful.

Corns are normally small in size. A callus is a much larger piece of skin than a corn, see picture. It is usual that a callus grows around a corn. If corns are not treated and there is an underlying complication such as diabetes, long-term complications such as infection can occur.

What causes a foot corn?

Why are foot corns so painful and what happens if they are not treated?

How can corns be treated?

What happens after the foot corn removal?

Will the corn ever grow back?


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