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Fees at Masucci Podiatry

Prices are dependent on whether the problem or problems are covered by medical insurance and whether the problem is of a moderate or serious nature. For clients with medical insurance, prices are dependent on the terms of the individual policy. Masucci Podiatry is available to see clients who do not have a health insurance policy.

For all clients, Masucci Podiatry will make an informed decision by examining the client and diagnosing the issue during a first consultation. The first consultation includes a medical questionnaire where we note a client’s past and current medical history.

If you have been referred by your GP we will keep the GP informed by letter. If you have been referred by a Consultant, we will liaise with your Consultant.

Mr Masucci is fee assured with all the major insurers therefore we will not exceed the maximum amount permitted for consultations by your insurer.

For self-payers (non insured) fees are:-

For more serious problems which require long-term treatment or a surgical procedure, Masucci Podiatry will compile a list of costs for you. We will always recommend treatments that are cost effective and clinics that are convenient for you.




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