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Podiatry Orthotics

Podiatry orthotics include insoles and specialist orthopaedic footwear such as an Aircast boot, tension night splint and adjustable footwear which support the feet and ankles.  Secondary support from podiatry orthotics can support the knees, legs and the spine.

A full Orthotics, Orthoses and biomechanical assessment service is available from Masucci Podiatry.  Mr Masucci will review the alignment of the hips and legs.  It may be necessary to have an ultrasound to find out more about a client’s condition.  A casting service is available and a fitting and trimming of podiatry orthotics too.  

Biomechanical assessment and the provision of appropriate insoles or custom orthotics are available.  It may be necessary to have appropriate imaging, such as an x-ray or ultrasound scan, to provide further information.

It is important to note that the cost of insoles and orthotics are generally not covered by health insurance policies.

Note – it is useful to bring a pair of shorts with you for the examination.

Why we recommend podiatry orthotics

Podiatry orthotics can be used on a short term basis or a long term basis, keeping clients mobile and active. 

Podiatry orthotics is recommended for foot pain relief such as:-

Sports injuries

Podiatry orthotics is also recommended for the prevention of foot injuries and sports injuries and can prevent falls.  Orthotics can help during recovery from injury or surgery.

In addition, podiatry orthotics helps with:-

And with more serious illnesses:-

It is important to note that Orthotics is not covered by health insurance policies.

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