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Mr Nicholas Masucci FCPodS
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon
T: 020 8241 0073
F: 020 8549 3644

Sports Podiatrist London

Mr Masucci is a podiatrist with 20 years experience of offering specialist treatment for sports injuries and foot conditions affecting keen fitness individuals and athletes. He has a keen interest in keeping fit himself and in sports podiatry.

Fitness clients that come to see Mr Masucci are primarily concerned with their feet in relation to their sports performance. On some occasions clients want to step up their programme before an event such as a cycling or running event or get fit for, as an example, the tennis season and want an assessment. Some clients may be suffering from calf pain or Achilles tendon pain or shin pain. Read our case study on shin pain here.

Other clients have a sports injury and come in for diagnosis where Mr Masucci will advise on a conservative solution. For more series injuries a surgical procedure may be advised.

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